It’s an honor to have you here, and I thank you for visiting our home page.
 Kumamoto Prefecture is located in the center of Kyushu, the southernmost of the four major Japanese islands, and Kumamoto Medical Center (KMC) is in Kumamoto City -- the capital of Kumamoto Prefecture. KMC is located not far from the magnificent Kumamoto Castle, and we can enjoy the scenery through all four seasons. The surrounding greenery and gardens provide a soothing and tranquil atmosphere for patients, families and visitors. Our location also means we have easy access to the downtown area.

 KMC has a proud history, dating back to 1871 and the Meiji Era, when we started as a military hospital. Over the years, we began a new career as the “National Hospital Organization Kumamoto Medical Center”. KMC was rebuilt in September 2009. We now have 32 medical departments with 550 beds, and accept more than 600 patients in a day. As many as 8000 ambulances arrive at our facility every year, which is the most in Kumamoto Prefecture and gives our hospital a prominent reputation for emergency and critical care. Many of our patients suffer from strokes, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases and more. We also offer English consultations.

  Education, training programs and clinical research are also among our responsibilities. We offer lifetime training courses and seminars that target not only doctors, but other members of medical and health professions.
 We are an active designated postgraduate training hospital, and we train around 20 medical interns every year. In the affiliated nursing school, we offer a high standard of education and practice, and encourage students to develop their professional expertise.
 International medical cooperation is also at our forefront. We hold special training courses supported by JICA (the Japan International Cooperation Agency), and accept doctors and medical specialists from around the world, every year.

 As a referral hospital, we continue to make unremitting efforts to be a part of our community and meet the needs of our clients. We promise to continue to encourage education and training, as well as research, in the years to come.