About Us

Overview and Features

 Kumamoto Medical Center dates back to 1871, and in August opened its doors to patients as Chinzei-Chindai Hospital. After serving as a garrison and military hospital, we began our new career on April 1, 2004, as the “National Hospital Organization Kumamoto Medical Center.  Since then, Kumamoto Medical Center has been recognized as a leader in patient care, medical research and community education.
 KMC is the only hospital positioning as International Medical Cooperation Hub Hospital in Japan with 32 clinical departments and 550 beds and also serves as a referral hospital of geriatric medicine.  Close bonds and cooperation among staff mean a constant effort to provide comprehensive medical services and a strong ability to confront the epidemics of today. In order to better meet the healthcare needs of patients and families, we eagerly and actively strive for new methods, such as critical pathways and highly advanced treatment technologies -- such as bone marrow transplantation and angiogenesis. KMC plays a vital role as a reliable hospital not only for the people of Kumamoto, but for other communities as well.
 KMC is a referral hospital for our community, and functions as an open hospital and regional medical support hospital. We also encourage medical collaboration with other institutions.
 KMC gives a high priority to educational and training programs, clinical research and international medical cooperation. KMC is a designated facility for clinical training and offers training courses to education future generations. With over 40,000 doctors and medical professionals participating in courses, as many as 80 international students from around the globe visit our hospital to attend lessons and seminars. Our affiliated nursing school is recognized as the best place to learn and practice teaching. A spirit of professionalism is fostered through a broad range of education and innovative nursing practice.
 In a milestone for KMC, we formed a relationship with Suez Canal University in October 2000, and with Guangxi Medical University in May 2002.
 In our Clinical Research Department, we focus on international medical cooperation, with a main theme of work on a variety of clinical research.


 KMC is located in the center of Kumamoto city, against the grounds of the glorious and noble Kumamoto Castle and surroundeded by greens, gardens and parks. Kumamoto Medical Center offers patients, families and visitors a peaceful and ideal location for treatment and recovery. Access is convenient and quick, and you can reach our facility within 10 minutes via any mode of transportation.