Inpatients Services

Hospitalization Procedure

  • Hospitalization Procedure
    Please visit to the reception counter No.9 on the 4th floor. When you hospitalized on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays or weekday after- hour, please visit to the after-hours reception counter.
    Reception Time Reception Area
    Week Day (Mon - Fri) 8:15a.m – 5:15p.m Reception Counter No.9 on the 4th floor
    Week Day (Mon - Fri) Other Time Above After-Hours Reception Counter
    Saturdays Sundays and Holidays
    Please bring the following documents on the day of your admission.
    • Consultation ticket
    • Health Insurance Card
      Without the certificates, you must pay all the medical expenses by yourself.
    • Seal
    • Certificate of discharge from the other hospital (within the past three months)
    The following documents are attached by “Hospitalization Guide”.

    1) Application Form for Admission / A Written Oath and Payment Certificate of the Guarantee
    2) Display your name on the ward / Confirmation about the liberation of the door and the visits.
    3) Confirmation for changing to the other hospital
    4) Confirmation of the hospitalization history

  • Guide of Staterooms (pay rooms)
    We have staterooms (pay rooms). Please ask the reception counter No.9 on the 4th floor.
    ※They are limited and are subject to availability.  
    Type Charge(Day)
    (Tax included)
    Sink Wardrobe Refrigerator TV Chair/
    Bedside table
    Toilet Bath others
    SA 15,120 Free Free Table
    9,720 Free Free Table
    A2 8,640 Free Free Table
    B1 6,480 Charge Charge Shower Desk
    B2 5,400 Charge Charge Shower Desk
    C 4,320 Charge Charge   Desk
    < Charges and Facilities of Staterooms >
    • Insurance may not cover this fee for stateroom. You must pay all expense by yourself.
    • If you stay overnight, you are charged the cost of 2 night hospitalization.
    • You can watch TV and use refrigerator for free for stateroom A and room type A. You must purchase a TV card for general room and other rooms.
    • You can use cupboard, microwave oven and electric pot for stateroom A.
    • You can use a free internet for all staterooms (However, please make those preparations for the computer and settings by yourself).

Preparation for Hospitalization

Please bring your following belongings upon admission (minimum necessary personal items):

  • ID Card, Health Insurance Card, Seal, Writing materials
  • Toiletries
  • Chopsticks, Spoons, Forks, Tea Cups
  • Kleenex
  • Slippers ( that has heels)
  • Underwear
  • The medicine you are currently taking, and the description (medicine handbook)
    (We check your medicine which was taken by a day of the hospitalization)
  • Please put your breakable things in the container, which is a denture, a hearing aid, contact lens, glasses and others.
  • You can use your own gown or patient gowns are available for 50 yen per day (not covered by insurance). We change it twice a week, or if a gown gets dirty we can change it every time.
 ※ Please write your name on your belongings and prevent a loss. Also manage the personal belongings yourself.
 ※ Please do not bring unnecessary cash or valuables. We cannot keep it at the hospital.
 ※ When you have cash, please use a security box in each patient’s room.  (Be sure to lock it by yourself and to carry a key.)

Being in the Hospital

  • Meals
    • Meal time: Breakfast 8:00a.m.  Lunch12:00p.m.  Dinner 6:00p.m~
      Please do not bring any foods and drinks to avoid the risk of food poisoning.
    • Please bring your own chopsticks (spoon, fork) and teacup.
    • You will have the option for your meal from the general menu.
  • Bathing
    • The bath usage time is setting in each ward. In addition, the bathing may be limited by the symptoms, if you wish to take a bath, please ask to the nurse.
  • Laundry
    • Laundromat (charge) is available on the 5th - 7th floor.
  • Daily Life in Hospital
    • Lights-out time is 10:00p.m.
    • Please ask your doctor or nurse to have permission, if you wish to leave the hospital for a brief amount of time or spend the night outside of the hospital.
    • Please consult with your nurse, if you wish to take a walk or do exercise.
  • TV and Refrigerator 
    • When you use the TV and refrigerator for four-person room, two-person room or paid private room (B and C room), please purchase a card. The vending machines are located on each floor.
    • Usage time is 6:00a.m to 10:00p.m. Please use the earphone to not make a nuisance in the same room.
  • Telephone
    • Please switch your cell-phone to silent mode while in this hospital. And observe the rules and manners.
    • Pease use the cell-phone in an available area not to be a nuisance to other patients.
    • The public telephone is available on each floor.
  • Mail Box
    • A mail box is located by the entrance.
    • We can send your mail to the room of the patient. Please write the number of the floor and ward.
  • Inside the House of Facilities
    Inside the House of Facilities Area / Usage Time
    Convenience Store
    Located next to the ATM on the 4th floor.
    Business Hours: Everyday (including Sat, Sun and Holidays) 7:00a.m – 10:00p.m
    (CROSS one
    cafe' restaurant)
    Located on the 4th floor.
    Business Hours: Everyday (including Sat, Sun and Holidays)
         7:30a.m – 9:00p.m (Last Orders 8:40p.m)
    Vending Machines Located on front of a Lowson store /
    Next to Phlebotomy Station counter No.12 on 4th floor, and south dayroom on the 6th floor.
    ※Available for 24 hours
    ATM Located next to the restaurant and Lowson store on the 4th floor.
     Weekday 9:00a.m - 6:00p.m Saturday 9:00a.m – 7:00p.m
     Closed on Sunday and holiday
    Library Located on near next to the counter No.11 on the 4th floor.
    Usage Time: 8:30a.m – 8:00p.m (Monday - Friday)
    Visiting haircut The visiting haircut is available.
    Please ask to the ward staff, if you wish for a haircut.
  • Emergency
    • In case of an emergency such as an earthquake or a fire, please follow all the staff instructions and do not use the elevator.
  • The Others <The Notice of Hospitalized and Important Notes> リストバンド
    • As a general rule, we ask all inpatients to wear a wristband, filled with the name and patients number during their hospitalization.
    • Leaving or staying out without permission is prohibited. Also please do not walk the public area in a patient gown.
    • Smoking is not allowed, except the hospital site (including parking lot) and the street of the outskirts.
    • Please do not park your car during your hospitalization. Be sure to use the public transportation or please prepare for the pickup.
    • We cannot accept any gifts from patients.
  • The Others  
    • Please do not walk in public areas wearing only patient gown.
    • Please do not park your car during your hospitalization.
    • Lights out at 10:00 p.m.
    • Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the hospital.
    • Drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited.
    • Please inform the reception counter (No.5) if your Health Insurance Card has been changed or expired.
    • Please ask a ward head nurse if you need your medical certificate or any other certificates.
    • We ask all inpatients to wear a wristband during their hospitalization.
    • You are free to ask our staffs any questions.
    • We cannot accept any gifts from patients.

For Families and Visitors

  • Visiting Patients
    General Ward

    Weekdays 2:00p.m – 8:00p.m Sat, Sun, Holidays 10:00a.m – 8:00p.m
    Medical Emergency Center, ICU, CCU, NCU

    11:00a.m – 11:30a.m / 2:00p.m – 2:30p.m / 6:30p.m – 8:00p.m

    <Important Notes of the Visitors>
    • Please ask permission from staff station to visit. As a general rule, visiting hours are within 30 minutes.
    • Visitors may be requested to refrain from visiting depending on the patient’s or the other patient’s condition.
    • Please refrain from eating, drinking or loud conversation.
    • Please refrain from the large number of visitors or children to visit the patient’s room.
    • Please do not bring the children under elementary school age to preventing from the hospital infection. And in some cases, you must wear an infection protective mask and wash your hand before visit patients.
    • Please refrain from one with the cough and the bad physical condition (cold, influenza, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, conjunctivitis and others with the symptom) for prevent infection.
    • A potted plant or the plants (farm products) are not allowed to bring. Also it is not allowed for the flower to bring it in depending on a ward. Please ask to a staff station.
    • We cannot answer the questions about the hospitalization on the telephone.
  • Attendant  
    • It is usually not necessary to have an attendant. However, if the family member wishes to stay with the patient, doctor allows your request, please ask to the doctor or ward nurse.
  • ※For more information about a visiting and an attendant, please ask a ward staff station.

  • Parking  
    • Parking Charge
      < If you not Confirm the Procedure >
      If you not Confirm the Procedure First Hour 500 Yen
      Charge per hour after the first hour 200 Yen
      <After Confirm the Procedure>
      1) Out Patients Once / Per Day 100 Yen
      2) Visiting Patients Within 30 minuets Free
      First Hour 100 Yen
      Charge per hour after the first hour 50 Yen
      3) Attendants Once / Per Day 100 Yen
      4) In and out of the hospital Once Free
      5) Summon from the hospital Once Free
    • Parking Ticket
      1) Out Patients After your medical examination end, please visit to the general reception counter No.2 or No.5 on the 4th floor.
      2) Visiting Patients
      3) Attendants
      4) In and out of the hospital
      Summon from the hospital
      Please fill out the “Parking Ticket Discount Card” and to receive the confirmation seal from staff station. And please visit to the general reception counter No.2 or No.5 on the 4th floor.
    • No parking during the hospitalization.
      Please do not use the parking lot during the hospitalization. Please use the public transportation or prepare for the pickup.

Parking Information

Hospitalization Expenses

  • Payment
    <Hospitalized Payment>
    • The expense during the hospitalization will be demanded around the tenth day of the next month, please pay at the cashier No.6 on the 4th floor.
    <Discharge Payment>
    • We will inform you the amount of money due the day before fifth day after hospitalization or the day before your discharge. Also we inform you an accurate amount of money on the discharge day.
    • Please pay the medical bill at the cashier No.6 on the 4th floor. At that time, please present your health insurance card and medical evidence on the day of your discharge. If the lump-sum payment is difficult, please ask to the staff on cashier No.6.
    • If you do not pay the hospital fees from the last month, please pay all the expenses on your discharge day.
    <Payment Time / Area>
      Payment Time Payment Area
    Weekday 8:30a.m – 17:15p.m General Reception Counter No.6
    on the 4th floor.
    17:15p.m – Next Day 8:30a.m After-Hours Reception Counter
    Saturdays, Sunday and Holidays Last Date
    <Payment Method>
    • Cash payment, cash cards are also accepted for payments at Weekdays 8:00am – 9:00p.m / Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays 9:00a.m – 7:00p.m. Also credit card is available for 24 hours.

Procedure of a Medical Certificate

  • Reception Counter
    • Please apply for the medical certificates or other certificates at a general reception counter No.7 on the 4th floor.
  • Reception Time
    • Weekdays (Monday - Friday) 8:15a.m – 5:00p.m.
      ※You cannot apply on Saturday, Sunday and weekday overtime.


1) A format may be designated by which you submit, please order and bring a predetermined format.
 ※Except for a hospital predetermined medical certificate or a medical certificate for the police.

2) The medical certificate is personal information, in case of a request except oneself, “a letter of attorney” is necessary.
 Please submit “an identification card or ID” who received the commission. (If it is request from a family, we only check
 an identification card)

3) It will take around two weeks until you receive a medical certificate. According to the contents, it may take more than
 two weeks, please understand it beforehand.

  • Reciept
    • Weekdays (Monday – Friday) 8:30a.m – 5:00p.m. You receive it the time of the application. Please bring the copy of receipt slip.
  • Inquiry Contact
    • Please ask “a medical certificate and the reception counter” about any medical certificates or any other questions.

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